April Writing

I feel like April has been a slow month for blogging. Too much running around and living happening. Or hiding from the world and watching episode after episode of America’s Next Top Model. Whichever.

I’ve been working on my 25th year goals along with my life list goals so my time is being spent all productively and less contemplatively. I’m doing some experimental short fiction work called “Bon Fille” and plugging away at my novel “Maine” (chapter one is nearing completion, the prologue is in the bag!). I’m hoping to get the other short peice I have cooking ,”Benz”, sent out into the world for a few May deadlines I’m sure will be returned back to me with a big NO THANK YOU (I’m really pulling for that thank you bit), but it’s all in the spirit of try try again.

I got an amazing white and yellow polka dot computer from my parents and grandmother for my birthday (Thank you!) which is going to make my writing so much better, so much happier, so much zestier, I’m just sure of it. And good timing too because this morning as I was still plugging away at my old heave-ho of a clunker laptop, it froze. And then I restarted it and it froze again – this time, just for funsies. I think the fan is headed for a non-whirring grave which means poor Oscar (name of computer) is in over heated hell.

Doesn’t that just bring you oodles of joy? I love it. Go Dell for making pretty electronics. Wee!

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