(Imagine the title being sung out fiddler style)

Now that that’s been clarified… hello friends! Sorry I have been absent. There was the packing and the driving and then the deep breath taking and all of that took about a week. But here I am! In San Francisco! Again! It feels like yesterday! Because it practically was!

The drive started out bleak. Except for Kamel who was a ball of excitement.

He was such a trooper with packing up the car. He Tetris-ed the shit out of it. And my poor little car was weighed down with all my clothes, and most of my room accoutrement. We were victorious! But like I said day one was bleak:

I was sleepy and crabby and Kamel did most of the driving and all of the cheerleading because really? I was moving back? And leaving all my people? And heading into the unknown? And wait a second didn’t I have time to slow down and take a breath? No. Push ahead, grab life by the horns and all that. Let’s do this thing.

After a lovely night at the Shilo Inn and some surprising great small town food thanks to the recommendation of our amazing Shilo Inn front desk lady … things began to look up.

The bleakness turned into sunshine turned into excitement at my do-over. I get a do-over at San Francisco. Not that my first try was bad. It was a huge learning experience, it was about getting my master’s degree, about figuring out how to balance work and life and learning. It was really fucking hard.

So far I’ve been applying for more work, had an interview for a job I don’t want, have had time to edit other peoples’ work, trying to finish a book so I can start another, and will be continuing work on my next novel.

I know, right? I’ll keep you posted.

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