The Here and Now

I had a fantastic weekend. On rainy friday Kamel and I watched movies and ate chinese food. Then on Saturday, in the beautiful sunshine, we drove up to Sonoma, sat on a breath-taking italian style terrace, drank wine and ate cheese, watched the birds puff up and steal eachother’s finds, and looked out onto amazing northern california. On sunday we played downtown with regina, watched a movie, shopped, it was seamless.

Today I am setting up an interview for some temp work while I continue my search for a career in the field I’m good at. On top of that, I’m continuing to write what I write, read out loud in public to strangers, finish books by my favorite authors, go for long walks, enjoy the scenery, and continue becoming a good person. It’s a journey. Everything is a journey. Once we get there, another path emerges and we set off again.

I just wanted to tell you I’m doing ok. I’m trekking along and sometimes I get frustrated and tired, and sometimes I am perfectly content being lazy with no forward momentum, but somehow I keep chugging along. And I’m good. I’m where I’m supposed to be and it’s nice to recognize it when it happens.

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