Talking With Boys

While sitting and eating lunch silence falls.

Kamel sings: So fresh and so cleanclean!

Me: haha why?

Kamel: [flustered] I dunno! I’ve had that song stuck in my head since 2000.


Kamel: I’ve had Regulators stuck in my head since 1998.

Me: Regulators! Mount Up!

Kamel: I swear to God it’s been driving me crazy! I should probably look up what year So Fresh and So Clean actually came out…

Me: I wanna run upstairs and blog about this right now.

A few minutes later…

Me: You don’t like my pinned hair! You looked at it funny!

Kamel: No! That’s not it… it’s just that it reminded me of something.

Me: Of what?

Kamel laughing: No, I can’t tell you! you don’t want to know!

Me: I do! Tell me!

Kamel: Well…. when I opened the door and saw you my first thought was ‘oh… hello Mr. President.’

Me: What?!

Kamel: You looked like Benkamin Franklin! Cuz it was flat on top and then poofy on the sides… ya know? I figured it wasn’t done yet.

I’ve already taken the necessary steps to fix.

4 thoughts on “Talking With Boys”

  1. Oops! So it turns out that Ben Franklin was NOT a president! hahahahaha Sorry about that!

    Still, you had his hair. =)

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