Masthead Me!

Behold the beautiful art of Regina Perez. Soon to be tattoo artist. Pretty sweet likeness too, right? Minus the calves – i have calves that no boots can contain. Hooray! I have a customized masthead! Finally! Other items for you to peruse on my blog: the pictures of me (so self centered this one) that rotate through the months of the year. Once the year mark passes for any month the pictures are removed. It’s a rotating year-in-the-life-of. Also I have a list of blogs that I frequent that are not the famous ones (dooce, mightygirl, finslippy, etc) – those people don’t need more readers, but my people do! I’ve been playing around with have a list of books I’m currently reading with links to where you can buy them, but then it becomes embarrassing when I’ve lingered on one for far too long. I had a fairly routine quiz that appeared on my side bar, but eh… I kept forgetting to cycle them through and i ran out of things to quiz you on. I’m trying to class up this joint, ya know? 🙂 But if there is something you’d like to see, let me know. In the mean time YAY MASTHEAD and thank you Regina!

If you’d like to see more of Regina’s art you can check out her flickr here.

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