Lauren Life List Vol. 1

So I’ve been watching the Life List idea spread through the internet like wildfire and I have been kind of reluctant to join because I felt like I had immediate goals but no long reaching goals. Part of that, I think, was because i was in grad school and I couldn’t see past next week’s assignments, let alone personal goals for myself beyond my desire to sleep that night. But I have to admit that Maggie Mason of Mightygirl has finally gotten to me. She does things! She is doing things! People pay for her to do things! (nice for her, not so much a reality for me, but that’s ok.) And now that I am a tad bit freer than I was a year ago I’m thinking maybe I can squeeze some of this in. If anything I’ll have a nice list going a year from now. So every once in a while, if I’ve thought of enough new things, I’ll post them here. Maybe some of you would like to join in and help me achieve some goals, maybe some of you have information on how I could achieve some goals. Either way it would be awesome if you could hold me to it. And so it begins:

Go to Greece
Attend a feminist rally in DC
Publish a book
Have more than one child
Take surfing lessons
Spend time in South America
Own a Dog
Go on vacation with my best friends
Do a 3 day walk for breast cancer
Work in the writing industry

*In no particular order of course.

12 thoughts on “Lauren Life List Vol. 1”

  1. Nice! That's a list of big things 🙂

    I'd like to do one and two. And 3 and 6. Probably 5. You should have numbered them, so that sentence would make more sense. Ok, I'd like to do all of those things, I think, except for the 3 day walk thing. I don't have anything against it, of course, just not what I'm into.

    I may end up living in DC, so when you come for the rally crash on my couch and I'll go, too!

  2. I want to go to Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And have more than one child. And…. maybe get a dog… maybe.

    Everything else is all you. =)

  3. Margaret – hahahaha YES!! feminist rally here we come! (and I know ann dailey – who is currently living in DC will wear the necessary jean vest and come out for the occasion as well).

    Kamel – You don't want to go to South America with me? Who else is going to translate the menus so I don't eat bugs by accident?!

  4. 1. I KNOW PORTUGUESE!! hahahahah I'll hit South America with you.

    2. We are SO hitting Greece. Start saving.. September 2011.

    3. Now I wanna make a list!

    4. I TOTALLY want to do the 3-day thing but you have to raise like 3k for the Komen one and 2k for the Avon 2-day one.

  5. hahaha YAY regina!! And raising the money is part of the challenge and the gift. PLUS you get so much free stuff on the walk – including a tshirt and we all know how much i love clothes. 😉 And boobs.

  6. uhh how about we kill 2 birds with one stone and go to greece on a girlfriends vacation?? and when we go to Cabo or something for a week of margaritas, we can throw in some surfing lessons! I've been planning that in my head for years…

  7. lllaaaaauuuureeeennn!!! i just love this post! yes! I love lists! And I have always wanted to do that 3 day walk, so lets pick one and DO IT 🙂

    Im always down for a weeeeeek of marharitas ummm DUH

    and boobs 🙂 lets be real!

  8. It's funny because now that I've made a list my instinct is to start tackling all of them RIGHT NOW. Life list… breath Lauren. Key word: LIFE. But there are some things that I can start working on. Publishing a book, for one. And jobs for two – although currently that feels very out of my control. I'll set up email chains for the rest. 😉

  9. I would walk with you, if you did the 3 day walk for breast cancer. I hate choosing causes as my favorite…but this one is up there in the top 5.

    Hugs and Mocha,

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