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So the main issue between Rep and Dems = they can’t agree on how to run the country best, right? And right now it’s all wrapped up in how the country spends it’s money… Or more accurately the republicans are mad at how the Dems spend money and the Dems are mainly mad at republicans over social/military issues and how they spent ALL of the money during the Bush Admin. But then there are some republicans – the neo christian/neo “patriot” sect who believe less government is better (which is one of the founding principles of why we broke from Britain and is not the crazy part) except if the republicans are in office and then all the wire tapping, all the fear-based policy, all the military spending, all the conservative censoring of television (FCC) and other media outlets, all the church based politics in the world are free game. To me, if you are up for all of that government (which seems intrinsically negative), it’s downright crazy for you to be against other government interference that ends up helping people, increasing individual liberties, etc. And it’s not just that people disagree with one or the other, but it’s the intensity at which the neo-crazies are disagreeing. It’s no longer policy or money, it’s life or death for those people. To the point where a conservative blogger named Solomon Solly Forell posted a tweet just after the vote on healthcare calling for the direct assassination of Pres Obama. They went on to encourage other American’s to drop obama if they had a clear shot. You can see screen shots of these tweets by clicking HERE.

The thing is – I’m sure this person is not the only one thinking this, and not the only one saying it out loud, or on the internet. But really? You want to kill a guy over a healthcare bill? And even if it’s not the only thing you want to kill him for, (being black might be part of it… so cliche… such a tired reason, really) in this case it was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Healthcare was the thing that just …. poof…. pushed ya over the edge? And even if… let’s say… MOST conservatives aren’t willing to pull the trigger – because only really crazy people actually do that – the crazy people are still calling themselves conservative! Crazy democrats (you know the one’s hanging off of bridges to save seals or the ones living in trees on Berkley’s Campus? You know the ones…) have the decency to at lease call themselves the green party. At least they make the distinction. AND they aren’t trying to kill anyone, except maybe themselves because who lives in trees? I mean c’mon… you know there isn’t a toilet up there.

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  1. jesus christ. thank you. i cannot get over these asshats who are crying about the price of health care. fuckin i dont get very upset about politics but i am pretty upset by these mofos

  2. They can use leaves in trees as their TP. =)

    I foresee lots of comments in this blog post. Especially if you have crazy readers.

  3. oh and i DO have crazy readers! The craziest! 🙂 And against my better judgement they are starting to become beloved crazies.

  4. *fist pump* But I get it… it is one thing to promise people a Health Care Reform during your campaign, but to have a president that is actually delivering on his campaign promises?!… that is just unheard off! *eye roll*

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