Waking up next to Kamel with fog outside and rain still on the windows. After making me laugh so hard I have to cover my face with the comforter so as not to wake claire – something about a dream he had about his knee growing a belly button – we sit up in bed and surf the internet on separate laptops. His feet still in socks, keep my little naked ones warm. Our elbows touch. He sometimes steals kisses and tells me how lucky he is, how beautiful I am, how he loves my big hair in the morning. He laughs at the crumbs still on my sweatshirt from my plain waffle and then laughs more as I pick the crumbs off and eat them. I read mommy blogs and he researches building his own computer. He smells like trees and hair gel. I love the way his undershirt feels against my cheek.

I am lucky.

Happy Valentines.

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