Hotel. Motel. Holiday Innnnnnn!

Kamel flew into Seattle on tuesday night (after waiting and waiting and waiting for him all day long with really nothing to do) for business: a conference hosted by microsoft called Gamefest. A nerd emporium! Except, unlike comic-con the fans were not made aware – an industry only thing. The thing is – it makes little difference when the people who make the games are also major fans themselves. Anyhoo – Kamel’s company put him up at the Grand Hyatt downtown from tuesday – friday and I got to stay too! I went into this thinking Glamor! Room Service! Giant bed! Quicker commute to work! And it kind of was all that … and more.

The more part was living out of a suitcase! Air conditioning that gave me migraines! The inconvenience of not having my own toiletries! Having the breakfast room service door tag slip off when we closed the door and shoot back into our rooms without us noticing until 10 minutes before I had to leave for work!

It definitely wasn’t all anti-climactic and disappointing. There was a fabulous bathtub and a floor to ceiling window with a view of capital hill, the location was awesome when I wasn’t exhausted from work, and of course there was a tv. So watching the Today Show as I woke up in the king sized bed was a reality.

But staying in a hotel in the city you work and live in? Turns out it’s pretty lame. Your mind is all “HOTEL!!! WE’RE ON VACATION!!!” But then the reality is that … actually no… you still have to work and when you get home all you want to do – regardless of being downtown in a fancy hotel – is watch tv and sleep. Which feels like a waste. And setting your alarm while staying in a hotel seems incredibly counter productive! This whole thing just makes you MORE tired because your are having to constantly fight with the gap between reality and expectation. “This will be great!” turns into “But you still have to work!” turns into “And set your alarm!” clashes with “But we’re in a hotel! Downtown! This FEELS like it should be vacation!” Crash, burn, lumpy pillows, lauren goes to work with migraine and then all she wants to do is nap.

But the bathtub was fabulous.

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