New Years!

Everyone! Gather round! Behold…. the FUTURE! It’s 2010 – where are my meals in pill form and my flying cars? Where is my colony on the moon and clothing made out of shiny shiny fabrics equipped with pointy shoulders? Where are our mobile chatting devices that take and send videos and pictures and text INSTANTLY?! Oh yeah… check on the mobiles.

Anyways … New Years Eve!! WAHOOOO! PARTAY!!!

Well, sort of. When I told an elderly-ish customer at work that my new years consisted of pizza and movie watching he replied “Looks like you need a CAT!”. Excuse me, sir? Excuse me? Do you want to repeat that one more time? Because I am a DOG person and will not hear another word to the contrary!!

But no, really, I was with Kamel, and there was pizza and movies, I was wearing black tights and a sweatshirt, and I was very excited. See?

On the movie menu for the evening was District 9, Drag Me To Hell, and the first episode of the first season of Battlestar Galactica (which happens to be a 3 hour mini series… wait, let me adjust my nerd glasses, ah that’s better). We only got through one movie and then we tried to watch fireworks on the local news but no local news was to be had. None. I was disappointed. I blame Kamel’s bunny ears attached to his TV. He’s going to leave a comment that the TV was working just fine and to blame the news people, but they are untouchable and it’s so much more fun to blame him.

We also participated in my 4th christmas celebration of the season. Yay! MORE PRESENTS.

I got him a few DVD sets and a darth vader alarm clock. (Oh my god, I almost spelled vader with an “or”… that would have been grounds for immediate break up. Thank god I double checked on the google.)

I am now queen of the nerds, behold my glory and be careful to shade your eyes so as not to blind yourselves by the brightness of my magnificence. Oh yes.

My boyfriend is better than your boyfriend because he totally surprised me with a kindle. This is me showing off my gift:

And then I immediately called maris to tell her we are now kindle buddies.

What you can’t hear in the background is Kamel asking “Wait… what? Who are you calling? What are you doing?” And me: “Shh! I’m calling Maris! She needs to know! We have kindles now!!” And Kamel: “Seriously? Right now?”

For serious.

Overall new years was great! I am a sucker for new beginnings. The only thing I’m worried about now are the massive resolution people who may or may not be flooding my gym as I type. They won’t last the month.

3 thoughts on “New Years!”

  1. YAY!

    1)IT WAS THE NEWS CHANNEL's FAULT! I swear. =)
    2) You left out the creepy Dick Clark countdown. haha.
    3) I'm totally hooked on Grey's again! Thank you! I can't wait to start Buffy. And seeing Vader every morning is so much fun!
    4) I want Pizza again!


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this shit made me laugh like a crazy.

    I love it!

    p.s. I SO want a Kindle now. I think Kamel sold it to me.

  3. My favorite part about our subsequent kindle conversation was our discussion of fashionable covers!

    Nevermind the fact that the 2nd book I bought was the Bankruptcy Code… not only do I have nerd glasses, I also have nerd suspenders.


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