This Life

Remember when I useda post easily once a day? I did. Sometimes twice a day. I filled the internet with my voice. And I was so busy! I worked full time and went to school full time and still had motivation to write and thoughts to share. Now I’m just tired.

It’s frustrating. I love my blog. I love my writing. But what is there to say?

The holidays are stressful. Buying gifts and making plans and suddenly my calendar is completely filled up. Plus I’m still working. And all I want to do is sleep. Maybe I’m just biased because it is before 7am. I need to finish my christmas cards. I need to finish a story. I need to finish wrapping. I need to finish a thousand emails that loom in my inbox getting crabbier and crabbier at me.

Last year I had all my christmas cards written by the first week of Dec. Wasn’t that nice. Had all my gifts handled by that time too. I miss getting up everyday and getting dressed for the office and singing with traci while I stared at excel for 3 hours filling in budgets. I miss the seagrass carpet.

I am fickle and the grass is always greener.

Last weekend I played jetsetter heading back down to SF for a Lucas holiday party with Kamel. I felt important and looked beautiful. I did for reals. See?

Kamel looked pretty too. When I show people pictures of him they first exclaim “nice teeth!” The other day at work someone told him he had pretty eyes. It’s all true. Dressing up is important. It reminds you who you could be if looking like this all the time was required. And then you walk 1/2 a mile in peep-toe-tee-strap three inch heels and remember why tennis shoes and rented movies are the usual.

4 thoughts on “This Life”

  1. I don't know. Should people really be blogging daily? I think you're in a nice groove. Not infrequent enough that people think you're constantly missing and yet not so frequently that you're just blogging for the sake of it. Unless you decided to look outside yourself and start writing about current events, is there really a need to blog every single day? You're doing great.

  2. We did look good. I had a blast with you that day! Even with the blackout.

    Also, you totally saved us with your SoMA knowledge. 😉

    Once the holidays are over, I'm sure life will slow down again. Allowing for more quality blog time.

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