The Happiest Time Of The Year

Hello all my pre christmas people. WE SURVIVED IT. Well, most of you. Still hungover? Still have a room filled with boxes, tissue paper, and bags? Still sensitive about that one thing that one family member said? Rude, I know. I understand.

Mine was busy and stressful but nice and full of tradition (TRADITION!) which is about 3/4 the fun anyways. The other 1/4 is of course – FREE STUFF. I know, it’s about the spirit of the holidays and not the gifts… yeah right… everyone loves free stuff and everyone loves giving those angsted over gifts to everyone on their to buy for list. It’s fun! It’s once a year! It’s usually accompanied by lots of bad for you food and sedentary time. It’s the American Way. Oh the holidays.

I got some good stuff this year. And thank you notes will be finished once I get my christmas cards out. I know. Christmas was a few days ago and still no cards. They are more like “new year” cards anyway, don’t you think? It all works out in the end.

Anyways, so I was opening up presents on christmas, la di da, and one of the things I asked for was a new saute pan. My current gem has non stick surface flaking and scratching off. It’s been this way for about a year and since

A chemical in Teflon and other cookware serves up more than just food. The US Environmental Protection Agency announced that they have asked the 8 largest manufacturers that use chemicals known as perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, to reduce production by 95 per cent by 2010 and to stop using it completely by 2015 because they have been shown to cause cancer and reproductive problems.

Thanks Internet

I’m pretty sure any lumps, mutated cells, or third arms on my children are a direct cause and effect of cooking and eating scrambled eggs.

So I got a new pan for christmas. YAY!! It has a cushy handle for all your air-flipping-secured-grip needs. And it had this friendly suggestion on the packaging:

It’s a great idea really – if consumers could cook whole meals before taking their cookware home, just to make sure it made that pot roast JUST RIGHT. Now that would make their guarantee really mean something. But seriously – how does that work? Try me. What exactly are we trying out? How it feels in my hand? The heft? Is there a button somewhere I should push that sings me a christmas jingle? Or maybe it’s just saying “Try me! er… I mean Buy Me! Cuz that way you’ll really experience the glory that is Belgique!” In that case don’t mind if I do. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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