Last night I had a drink with Maris and her law school friend Tina who reads this blog and has a fantastic twitter (tinakarenina) and we were talking about the first blog she ever read of mine. A post from my former blog which, turns out, looks a lot like this one, except much more inappropriate. Ah, memories. Apparently it was really funny. So funny, she said, she had to stealthily close her office door and cover her mouth so as not to draw attention. Maybe this is giving it a little too much build up, but I thought we would revisit it regardless.

Word Play: Penis
Gchat conversation with maris…..

me: hey when you say cock on eyebrow is that how you spell caulk?

Maris: …cock. on. eyebrow. ?

me: an AN AN

Maris: when you say COCK ON EYEBROW?

me: ANNNNNN. i cocked an eyebrow. is that the way you spell COCK? is that the correct COCK maris??

Maris: hahahaha yes i think so. i personally prefer it when people say dick an eyebrow though.

2 thoughts on “Flashback”

  1. ummmm clearly this is going to go on the blog's greatest hits album.

    and i had to shut my office door too, because i was hysterically giggling. Good times šŸ™‚

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