Girls Are Better

At most things, it’s true. But really – I think the gender’s trade off at what their awesome at. Like women are really great at doing laundry, and cooking dinner, and men are really great at going to work everyday, making money, and doing hard things like math and science. Good think I’m just a writer – something it’s alright for women to excel at.

Ok I’m joking. But for reals – yesterday, as I walked from one end of the airport to the other, having already said my own goodbye, I saw couple after couple dealing with separation anxiety. Here’s how it went: Guy = hugging, groping, “one more hug?” “one more kiss?”, lifting girl up, spinning girl around, basically making the goodbye linger. Girl on the other hand = obliges boy for the most part, but then at a certain point, regardless of which is getting on the plane, is all “Ok, gotta go, I love you, I’ll talk to you later.” This is me, walking through the airport and actually hearing and seeing this. And I’m thinking wow, yeah, I just did that. It was the “Ok, I’ve had enough of this crappy goodbye (because all goodbyes are crappy, I’m not making a value judgment here), time to get on with life and stop lamenting” hug and walk away.

So here’s my new sweeping generality: Girls are better at goodbyes than boys are. I studied lots of human things with my anth minor in college, and I always wanted to do a study on human behavior in airports (instead I did a study on human behavior involving vending machines… interesting stuff). Things got dicy, though, with the whole 9/11 tragedy and airports have become a place covered in paranoia and red tape.

Anyways – this was just one day and one observation of several couples at 7pm on a sunday in seattle. And is completely subject to what I deem to be a preferable goodbye, but my verdict is girls rule. As per my usual mindset. I wonder how other people like their goodbyes? I like mine short and sweet. I’m a walk-you-to-the-security-checkpoint kind of person, hug, and walk away. But do other people stand and wave? Wait until the last minute they can see someone? Are other people the drop off, kick you to the curb enthusiasts? Without even parking? Where does the majority fit?

5 thoughts on “Girls Are Better”

  1. "I'm a walk-you-to-the-security-checkpoint kind of person, hug, and walk away."

    Isn't that the most you can do? I guess you could stand there and watch your loved one stand in line and then struggled as they take off their shoes and take out their lap top and try to wave goodbye to you at the same time. And who does that?

    Ok, that happened once, when I left for SF for the first time and it was my first goodbye with my boyfriend. I think he waited until I was through security to go. But that is totally the exception. Now I kiss him goodbye at the BART station and he lovingly sets me off at the curb when I'm the one doing the leaving.

  2. I got excited with your title! hahaha.

    When I dropped off Ali at the airport I walked her to the checkpoint and we hugged and kissed for forever. Finally she left and we waved and air-kissed until we couldn't see each other anymore. hahaha i know, faggot shit.

    But it also made me cry!! It's actually the first time I cried at the airport.

  3. i think girls are better at the actual goodbye, but considerably worse at dealing with the time apart… at least, thats been my experience.

    also, i just feel awkward craning my neck every time i turn a corner in the security line while trying to appear unthreatening to the security people at the same time…

  4. I am def the "boy" in this scenario then because I am always the one saying "just one more hug" and prolonging it. Ha, I'm sure you remember enough of my Sunday afternoons moping about Dan leaving.

  5. Alright well (a year late)- I’m technically the drop you off at the curb girl, but I do the lingering hug and teary kiss before I speed away. I think the airport security knows me as the girl who makes out with her boyfriend while snot’s dripping down her nose.
    Gross? Yes. Do I need it? Yes.

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