Paranormal In-Activity

All weekend I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Paranormal Activity but ya know what? I haven’t even seen it. The BF did. He went to a screening at Pixar because he is extra special and knows all the right people. Apparently they have shooting stars on their movie theater ceiling. But that is neither here nor there. Anyways… So Paranormal. He started to tell me about it that night but I was alone in the apartment since claire is off at a wedding in Portland and I made him stop cuz it was too spooky. The next morning, though, I was all tell tell tell. I figured it was light out and I had a whole day ahead of me so I was good, right?

Well the telling of it took a long time because of all the ins and outs and twists and turns so by the time it was all done i was running let and yelling through the phone, “FINISH IT! FINISH IT!” all mortal combat style. So finally I got the full gist and I’m off to take a shower. A little spooked, I can’t deny it. But i’m still pretty much alright. No one’s home but it’s 845 and really, what’s scary about 845 besides that I wasn’t a sleep? So I jump in the shower (claw foot tub, what what?!) and i start to wash my face and I have a complete spazz out. I’m all hurry hurry wash wash wash rinse rinse rinse because if I keep my eyes closed for too long there is going to be a DEMON waiting for me on the other side of my flower shower curtain. I knew it. I just KNEW it. So I rinsed furiously and then I was thinking, oh no…. do I really want to open my eyes and see it?? Maybe it’s better to just keep them closed so I’ll never know. The heebie jeebies got the best of me and it may have been the fastest shower I have ever taken. All because the BF told me about a scary movie. A scary movie I haven’t seen and probably never will. But you should. Because you probably love that stuff don’t you?

So the other funny thing is that BF is having a hard time sleeping now. He can’t decide if he can handle having the bedroom door open or closed or the hallway light on or off. It’s the boogieman dilemma. Thank fully I’m sleeping just fine… it’s just the showers that are causing me concern. But really, how is that much different than usual?

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