Ladies Who Lunch

I had a luncheon with my grandmother, great aunt, god mother, mother, aunt, and cousin today. It was kind of awesome. I wish we had taken a group photo. I slacked on that end. I’ll share my favorite parts though.

The first thing my grandmother says to me when we get out of the car to walk to the restaurant is: “Are you wearing your hair straight nowadays? I always thought it had a bit of curl in it.” And my response, “It’s just the cold weather, give me a little humidity and it’ll perk right back up.”

My amazing ten year old cousin pointedly bee lining right for me and completely bypassing my mother. I totally win the who loves me more war. Ca-ching.

Everyone got the soup and salad combo. It was order by peer pressure. Everyone was up in arms. “Why just a salad? A SALAD?!” I explained it was to keep my figure. Everyone agreed they couldn’t find theirs anywhere. I want to hug them all.

My mother and my grandmother arguing over who paid the bill at the olive garden. They each threw a little fit. The women in my family are all so crazy. Present company included.

My grandmother’s parting remarks of “Don’t get too skinny!!” Bless her.

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  1. hahaha hear hear! and p.s. i LOVE olive garden. jealous x 10. Someday we'll have ladies who lunch outings with us and our daughters, and then we'll yell at our daughters for not eating more.

    Can't wait 🙂

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