Sometimes I just can’t sleep. And I know this happens to LOTS of you. Thank god for facebook and blogs right? For reals. Anyways… I made a list of possible little to unknown factoids about this state of being.

1.) It takes way too long to realize wow, I can’t sleep. There is the tossing and then there is the turning and I dunno about you – but I am stubborn, convinced that at any point now, blam! sleep will come. It won’t. But no matter, I’m still going to lie here with my eyes closed while my mind races in tens of thousands of different directions that I will trick myself into thinking are “dreams”. No good.

2.) Getting up to pee sometimes helps. Not today, but I’m saying, there are times.

3.) Insomnia makes you hungry.

4.) It’s also lonely. Unless you can find the random stray who is also online and then you have the whole “what are you doing awake?” “well what are YOU doing awake?” conversation.

5.) Just because you’re awake doesn’t mean you’re not tired.

6.) The memory of those nights where you are asleep the minute you hit the pillow taunts you. Especially when there is no possible position of comfort.

7.) It’s these times where I’m kicking myself about possibly going to sleep later. Sometimes being too tired and going to bed too early bites you right in the ass.

I’m trying to make these like “oh, you’re right, I’ve never thought of that” and slightly funny. But I think they’re just coming out lame. I can’t tell because I’m in that in between zone of not really knowing if I’m going to think this is entertaining in the morning. I wish I was one of those people who became incredibly productive at 2 in the morning. I’d make millions. Instead I’m just lying here refreshing twitter. Fun.

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  1. Hey what are you doing up this late?! Hehe

    I agree on all of this. I'm such an insomniac at times too. Tho not lately. I've been good so far. 🙂

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