I currently do not have a desk. I am a writer without a writer retreat. I live on my bed and so forth. I do a lot of free hand but when it comes down to it – I have mastered the art of lap-topping. As a verb. In order to prevent laptop from over heating on my comforter I have perfected various hand maneuvers as well as sitting positions that keep one side of my laptop vented. This becomes difficult while skyping, watching movies, or doing anything long term on the laptop. The thing gets heavy, I get uncomfortable, I get lazy, it overheats then freezes and I lose all my work. My life is interrupted.

To be totally fair I think Kamel got sick of dealing with my laptop on his visits. I knew something was brewing when he offered to untangle all of my cords. A pile I generally ignore on one side of my bed. I’m all “sure!” and he’s all excited and something about this situation seems wrong. Also we had watched some DVDs and had to take turns holding the damn thing while our hands got crampy and hot. Then on monday I went to work and left the boyfriend to his own devices. He met me around quittin time with a giant giant bag I just briefly glimpsed as he whizzed by me. He said he had gotten me a present.

God I love presents.

Anyways… he said it was just a little thing – nothing too special – and right then i knew it was one of those laptop lap desk thingies!! And in fact it was. From Brookstone of all places. Fancy. It looks like this:

except mine has an orange pillow and it’s a little poofier in real life. But SO AWESOME. And SO comfy. Comfy to the point of WANTING it on me. It’s really plush, but also has this nice weight. Like a warm cat napping on you or something. The kind of cat that’s friendly and purrs in a delicious way. Not the kind that suddenly swipes at your head and then runs and hides under your bed for hours. Not that kind.

I’m not a huge gadget person. I have an ipod, and a cell phone, and my laptop is three years old and whatever. I just make due. I don’t need the latest and greatest. But this laptop desk thingy… even though it’s not new technology… is making me life SO much better. Yay! Thanks Kamel! You done good.

And just in case you didn’t believe me about the GIANT bag part of this story. When we got home I showed it to claire and of course her first response was “That bag is HUGE! GET IN IT!” And I’m easily persuaded. So I did.

What you can’t see is how many shots it took to finally get a solid array. Also Claire reminding me “Hold still, hold still BUT DON’T BREATH IN!” And then when Kamel came back into the room she points out, “We’re doing things we’re not supposed to… playing with giant plastic bags.” And we were. We so so were.

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  1. Hahahahaha I do suck at laptop-ing. You really, really needed that thingy πŸ™‚

    I'm glad you liked it. Yay!

    Keep your cords untangled, it's fun and gives you more reach too.

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