Echo Echo Echo

Wow. It’s been a while. Sorry about that. Things have been… exhausting. I’ve been running around like a crazy at work and then getting home and crawling into a fetal position in bed while my feet throb. But there is something satisfying about a crazy busy day in the service industry. It’s a type of physical exhaustion that lets me know i actually did something today.

Also – I totally scrapped the story I was working on and started it all over again. This time I like it much better. So that’s where I am with writing. The starting point was nagging at me, and I just kept thinking it was all wrong until I finally listened to myself and started writing it again. I felt relief.

I have a physical today (joy) and some emails to write to people (john!) but I promise there won’t be such a long lag in posts anymore. Right when I was getting a nice comfy reader base I go and disappear. What a dummy. A sleepy, feet throbbing, busy bee dummy. Sigh.

1 thought on “Echo Echo Echo”

  1. yay! A blog! I was wondering when the next update would be.

    Glad to see a new one up. You haven't lost me as a reader 😉

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