Boondock Saints II

Holy Mother of God. YAY!!!

So I was scanning the internets just now and saw that YES INDEED – Boondock Saints, the sequel, part two, whatever, is coming out! Or came out… or something. Apparently there has been hubub about where and when the movie will be showing. So who knows if I’ll ever be in the know enough to ever catch it in theaters. But let me tell you – Boondock saints, the original – is so one of my favorite movies of all time. And NOT just because it was really cool to say it was back in 2003. No sir. I remember exactly where I originally saw it. It was Kathleen’s basement with a bunch of other people (boys included) senior year of high school. It was a movie that someone had said was AMAZING and we were all yeah yeah yeah whatever. But then… it WAS. And after that I went to college and educated many a student on how awesome this movie is. Later I found out the reason it wasn’t an amazing blockbuster hit was due to its way over the top violence and how the production of it was right around 9/11 when that sort of thing was being frowned upon I guess. Apparently I am an unfeeling whore, by we already knew that. 🙂

I’m not sure if the sequel will suck or not. Sequels, in general, are not the most thoughtful of artistic ventures. But I’ll definitely go see it if I can figure out when/where its playing. And then I’ll let you know what I think.

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