Fashion: Rain Boots

In a way I have always envied/scoffed at the rain boot. Sometimes they look stupid but then other times they look really cute and beyond that they keep your flats and your jeans DRY when it’s pouring down rain. Last time I lived in Seattle I had to greatly limit the shoes I wore to work or out and about because my feet always got wet and my jeans always got wet and then they were wet the WHOLE DAY and I hate hate hated it. So this time around, the first thing on my to-do list was buy boots.

But then I forgot.

So a few weekends ago when it was down pouring for two days I was cursing myself for not having my boots. It really sounded more like this, “Uggghhh!! CLAIIIRREEE!! I should have bought booooooooooots!!” In the whiniest voice possible. Attractive. So on that sunday Claire and I trekked out to target where I had done my online research and found out they had BILLIONS of boots in different styles and shapes all for around $24.99. So of course I was like Uber Excited right? I’m pretty sure there was an “I’m going to Tar-get to get me some Boo-oots” dance, but it cannot be confirmed. Anyhoos – we get to target and I beeline to the shoes section and there are – get this – NO BOOTS TO BE FOUND. When I ask a sales person to point me in the right direction she says “oh we already have our next season stuff in, and we aren’t carrying them anymore.”

So let me get this straight… Target believes that in seattle the season for rain boots is….. SUMMER?! Am I in the twilight zone? Has the world turned upside down? Topsy Turvey? I am both incredibly annoyed and disappointed. What the eff, Target. Way to let a girl down. So we drove home bootless and I jumped right back on my computer to order them online, aggravated that I couldn’t have immediate gratification AND that I have to now pay for shipping. But I wasn’t kidding about the selection. Check out THESE BEAUTIES at I know right? So I ordered a pair that Claire pronounced had a design that was “Freakin poetry on a boot.” Basically – just emo enough. And the next time it even DRIZZLED outside I was racing to my closet just to put them on and go run outside for 5 minutes.

They work marvelously.

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  1. Omg. I know exactly how you feel about the whole rain boots dilemma. Last winter I was cursing myself for not having rain boots but could never bring myself to buy them. Finally, my mom bought me some really cool ones and I was SO SO excited but every time I would wear them, it would stop raining so I had to resort to jumping in puddles.

    I love the ones in the photo with the little red bird <3. so cute.

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