Boyfriends Make You Fat

About a year ago while I was driving to work in the morning, listening to my morning radio shows, I heard a segment about dating and how people gain weight while in a relationship and lose weight while single. And let me tell you – no truer words were ever spoken. Below is a picture of Kamel and I at the fair.

We ate scones, corn dogs, fries, and chocolate chip cookies. That was just during the 5 hours we were there. We did do a lot of walking at the fair itself, but generally we just sort of hung out, watched movies, ate food, etc. Then Kamel went back to San Francisco for a few days and I went back to running and eating right, fighting the urge to eat everything in the display case at work. But then three days later he came back and we were back to eating out for every meal, telling eachother it was ok because “hey! this is vacation!!” but when does the vacation end? We had planned two fairly intense walks, but those never happened – instead we had dessert at almost every meal and made muffins, then ate too many and collapsed in bed propped up on pillows because the weight of lemon poppyseed cake was sitting in our throats – no room left in the tummy.

Having a boyfriend makes you fat. You eat out more, you go to movies, buy candy, go out to dinner, split the sundae. You have a buddy to get drinks with, to share the bottle of champagne with, and someone to enable your bad behavior and to tell you “you’re beautiful just the way you are” so what’s one more cookie/piece of cake/basket of fries? Until a month goes by and you can’t fit into your pants anymore. The muffin top isn’t that attractive when it’s pouring out of your jeans and not spilling deliciously out of the muffin tin, all warm and tempting.

So now instead of encouraging each other to have another slice, we’re waking up early to workout before starting our days, abolishing all desserts, and eating smaller portions. It’s not as indulgent but it’s turning out to be just as fun. When he tells me he’s done 30 pushups it makes me want to do 10 more. When he wakes up early to go for an hour walk, it propels me out of bed to go running. Part of it’s my competitive nature. I generally want to win at everything. But it’s also having a buddy to do things with, regardless of the activity. Besides, being the hot couple is so much more fun than being the cinnamon roll couple with frosting on our faces.

Well actually that does sound kind of delicious….

3 thoughts on “Boyfriends Make You Fat”

  1. I know how you feel cuz when me and Ali hit the gym and we do cardio, I'm always trying to beat her Level and Resistance. hahaha. We compete in everything.

    If we weren't obsessed with food and their ingredients, we would mos def be a fat ass couple. food is the bomb dig.

  2. Ugh. I'm with you, sister. I lost a solid 25 pounds when I went through my divorce a couple years ago. Now I've been in a super awesome relationship for a year and HELLO 20LBS. The frustrating part is that the guy I'm dating has the metabolism to eat whatever he wants and never gains an ounce. Now I'm trying solo to eat smaller portions and get out and exercise. It's hard, yo. Good for you guys for encouraging each other. Truly awesome.

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