Bath Time Fun 8

And Lauren is on the board!!

I’m not gonna lie – I totally screamed when it had been confirmed. YAAAY!!!! We are now tied 1-1.


2 thoughts on “Bath Time Fun 8”

  1. Okay, so I look through all these posts again and I'm still not sure how the game is played. Do you guys base your guesses on anything? Wait a couple of seconds for the animal to take some sort of shape? Choose from a list of possible answers? Because if you're just picking animals out of the blue, it's amazing either of you were able to get one point.

  2. So before we throw the pill thing into the warm water we pick from a large list on the back of the package. I'm pretty sure it's narrowing it down for us. And I'm just really really really bad at guessing. haha.

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